Profile: Helen Lloyd

After a career in BBC Radio, Helen has specialised in oral history since the turn of the century. She creates, and helps others to create, high quality oral history projects and archives.
Helen has produced numerous successful projects. Her award-winning work is accessible through a variety of media.

Oral History Career Highlights:

Helen has also recorded interviews, managed projects and provided training for many national and local organisations and community groups - See Past Work

She has been a keynote speaker at academic conferences in the UK and abroad and given talks on oral history to a wide range of community groups - See Lectures

She has contributed interviews to a wide range of archives, articles, books, CDs, exhibitions, museums, radio programmes and websites - See Publications

Other Career Highlights:

  • Recorded, edited and presented numerous features for BBC Radio 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, the World Service and local radio
  • Consultant and researcher for TV series on Channel 4, Central TV and Canadian Broadcasting
  • Senior Lecturer in Radio
Photo by Jasroop Grewal

Further details

  • For more details about Helen's Oral History work, see Past Work
  • For illustrations of how Helen's work is made accessible through a variety of media, see Publications
  • For examples of Helen's audio editing, see Audio Extracts